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La mas avanzada línea de productos de desarrollo rápido del mercado y una muy diversa gama de herramientas para las tecnologías de desarrollo actuales..
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Developed by renowned author and modeling expert Len Silverston for ER/Studio, these time-proven templates have been continuously improved during the last 15 years and implemented by hundreds of companies, providing them with a complete set of data models that ensures quality, reduces development time and facilitates standardization of existing data models and de?nitions.

El desafío de la gestión de calidad de los datos:

Designing and building data models for organizations of any size, can be a trial and error process, even for the most experienced data management professionals. Changes in data sources, data volumes, systems, users and organizational structures will impact existing designs and compromise best practices. Data modelers and architects face three distinct challenges:

  • Support evolving demands for business information, quickly and accurately
  • Ensure continuously high performing data models with low risk of error
  • Communicate and collaborate best practice data modeling throughout an organization

Activities such as extending data modeling to different functional areas within an organization are at risk of delayed value while optimal and accurate data architectures are developed, tested and improved.

Er Studio Universal Data Models


  • Achieve high-quality models
  • Reduce development time
  • Improve consistency and standardization

Requerimientos del sistema

  • ER/Studio 7.1 or higher
  • 2MB storage per Subject Area Model
  • 10MB storage per Industry-Specific Model or Integrated Corporate Model